i’m gonna try to eat

i miss mann

i want to make pixels

but i’m too hungry

i’m gonna try to eat


my birthday is in like 6 days buy me things

also happy ?easter?

"Hello there. The following is an incomplete list of Domestic Violence shelters for Queer and Trans* People of Color in all 50 United States. This list will also contain reading resources with tools for addressing abuse and domestic violence in queer communities."

March of Tigers - QPoC Domestic Violence Resources and Literature

Signal boosting this project that March of Tigers is leading. I won’t reblog the whole list because (luckily) it’s huge but do click through the link and check it out. Also, support March of Tigers by either further helping spread awareness of this resource or by contributing with further data.

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good morning everyone

i had food poisoning or something all night & today i still don’t feel so good

no easter lunch with relatives for me

easter naptime for me


HAPPY #Easter #folk #poland #eggs #jajka


HAPPY #Easter #folk #poland #eggs #jajka


Destroy gender roles, not gender identity