If you support truscum/transmedicalist rhetoric, then you support the further marginalization of trans people.

Would you mind explaining this?

Because the truscum/transmedicalist rhetoric commonly preaches closing trans friendly spaces and trans related resources off from people they find unfavorable. Be it the various identities they don’t support, be it against people who use nounself/neopronouns, or be it people who have yet to experience/don’t experience dysphoria the same way that the stereotypical ‘medicalist view demands.

Because commonly these groups consider “opposition” to concepts the same as not respecting them, and from such create very harmful situations. In example, they harass people using “unconventional” gender identities instead of trying to understand why they want that label, which creates hostile ground for the person and commonly leads to suicidal tendencies, self harm and dysphoria. They refuse to respect and mock neopronoun users, creating a hostile environment for these people’s social dysphoria, which has lead to suicidal tendencies, self harm and [obviously] dysphoria.

I can keep rambling on examples in the previous paragraph, but moving on, the ‘medicalist reaction to these two specifics shows a lack in wanting to understand and to just accuse, invalidate and harass. Instead of working towards the understanding of why they identify that way, the medicalist collective would rather make the world hostile territory for these people and blame all gate keeping on these individuals.

Many of these people do suffer dysphoria, but medicalists negate that for the sake of trying to disprove their identities and would rather treat them as if they’re some large threat to the trans community - which they’re not. The idea of being afraid that you won’t be taken seriously because someone’s social dysphoria is helped by unconventional pronouns is not a fear that should be taken out of the user, but a fear that should be taken out on the gate keeping community that would define you by them and not define you as you, an individual.

Another common thing within the truscum/transmedicalist community is the ever present “dysphoria is needed to be trans.” This is a huge issue because a lot of trans people have different forms of dysphoria and relate to dysphoria different ways. I was denied resources in my home state because some trans people told a therapist I was afraid of bottom surgery, meaning I wasn’t actually dysphoric and couldn’t possibly be trans “enough.” (this is especially hurtful because I WANT bottom surgery, I’m just AFRAID of surgery) Since that day I am horrified by the concept of people using their dysphoria to judge others. Just because someone relates to dysphoria different than you does not give you the right to say they’re not trans.

There are lots of non-dysphoric people who can be hurt by the “dysphoria defines trans!” concept. Dmab trans children is one of them because lots of times the identity is present before actual dysphoria (i.e. me). If dysphoria is the determining factor, then these kids can be denied access to puberty blockers and transition materials. I’ve seen it happen (not me this time). Even the medical community recognized that the concept of needing dysphoria was harmful in respects and altered the definition to include anyone who identifies as a gender other than the one they were assigned. The “non-dysphoric” descriptor is in relevance to how the truscum/transmedicalist communities tend to describe dysphoria and how one needs to relate to it.

I’ve seen transmedicalists mock and misgender a trans girl because they felt “social dysphoria doesn’t exist.” I’ve seen truscum try to claim the only real dysphoria is that in relation to genitals and used such to misgender and trigger young trans’ people’s dysphoria. I’ve seen the aforementioned communities drive one of my best friends to suicide because kit didn’t have genital dysphoria after transitioning for six years.

My entire experiences with the transmedicalist communities has been that they don’t care enough to learn or understand and that they would rather throw people under the bus because they don’t understand them. They would much rather mock, harass and trigger than allow people to pursue understandings of themselves and their identities.

At the end of the day, the truscum/transmedicalist communities are no different than HBSers in my eyes. They try to dictate what defines being trans and try to control who can be trans. They all have come off harmful through every experience with the exception of about two people.

It’s one thing to oppose concepts you may think are harmful, it’s a complete different thing not to respect them and hurt the individual using them. All trans people are capable of experiencing harmful dysphoria and not respecting their identities can make such manifest. And, because of this, various other groups outside of the trans communities see these actions and deem them appropriate. Thus giving cisgender people the planted ideas that they can disrespect the individuals and cause them harm, and it’s all reasoned correct in their mind because they watched trans people do it.

I believe all trans people should have all the resources they need. I believe all people should be respected. I am constantly demonized for this because I try my best to help and defend these people who are constantly harassed and hurt. As one trans person said a few posts back, I “surround” myself with “transtrenders.” The thing is with this comment is they were openly attacking identities of people they didn’t know. “Transtrender” is an insult towards people you don’t like and is transphobic. It’s the same as those boys in high school who do the whole “she’s not really a lesbian! she;s doing it for attention!” crap at girls. You’re dismissing people’s identities for the sake of trying to make you and your closest friends feel better than them.

Is the concept of people making up/coining words to make themselves feel better about the way they feel about themselves really that harmful? Are people using unconventional pronouns as a way to stave off social dysphoria really that bothersome to you? Do people who don’t experience life and all it’s happenings the same as you really need to be demonized for it?

All trans people are valid. All trans people deserve respect and resources. And, together we should work towards the goal of happiness and freedom for us all.

I hope this answers your question.

Anonymous asked: Insulting cisgender people is the same as people insulting transgender people. Fucking hypocrite.
cishits answered:

Insults directed at trans people often include:

  • slurs backed up by oppression
  • emotional abuse
  • transphobia backed up by oppression
  • violence
  • such as assault
  • or murder
  • like trans people are literally set on fire or beaten to death for being trans

& are said by:

  • bigots
  • strangers
  • family members
  • friends

Insults directed cis people often include:

  • hurt feelings

& are said by:

  • trans people on the internet who are sick of your transphobic bullshit

So, y’know. It’s a bit different.


kill the idea that openly caring characters are boring

set on fire the line of thought that dictates that altruism is a bad thing and that selfishness/sassiness is an inherently more appealing and ‘~intricate~’ quality than an affectionate nature

smash and bury the concept of the false equivalency between angst and complexity

kindness and empathy are not synonyms for “blandness” and “lack of personality”







this is.. this is so blatant.. what the hell


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hey please please don’t use gendered tags for people you find attractive like listen you have no way of knowing how someone identifies and seeing that can really fuck up someone’s mood